Alok Ranjan

Co-founder & GM

Alok is a visionary leader, a great listener, and an action-oriented person led by the belief that “a winning customer helps you win as well.” His avid reading habit is contagious and has got his entire team hooked on to learn more about the latest industry trends, insights, personality development and thought leadership approach in technology. An IIT Delhi Alumni, the culture of giving back to the community is deeply ingrained in the Qritrim Family under his leadership.

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Pradeep Lavania

Co-founder & Director

Pradeep is a thought leader with over two decades of experience in handling Global Business, Technology Delivery, Customer Service, Global Technology Market, Building Efficient Teams and Business, and Large-Scale Project Execution. A versatile entrepreneur, Pradeep is convinced that having a bigger picture helps organizations and people scale. His experience and insights into the global business community have been a driving force for the organization over the years.


Sandeep Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Kumar is Partner at Kizki Japan Fund, GAP and TMP. He is also Founder/CEO of Qritrim, an Enterprise AI Startup and CEO of DiscoverSTEAM Foundation. Experienced in Technology, Financing/M&A, and Strategic Partnerships. Advises startups, SME’s and corporates in Education, Biotech, Semiconductors/MEM’s, Robotics, Water and Content. Has founded many startups; been a VC (JVP, Crimson); and was GM at Texas Instruments.


Suman Ravuri

Co-founder & Chief Architect

Suman Ravuri, the distinguished co-founder and Chief Architect at Qritrim, is a visionary leader in the field of "Digital Transformation." With more than a decade of experience, he excels in building high-performing teams, executing complex projects, and leveraging cutting-edge technology. A perpetual learner at heart, Suman is known for his empathetic leadership that inspires both his team and clients in the dynamic world of enterprise AI and digital transformation.