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Factoid FMEA Builder Features

The platform leverages the power of AI to the fullest & empowers enterprises to be at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 revolution by automating the building of a standardized FMEA for all machines & product lines across all manufacturing units.

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Upload data files/Create new FMEA

Factoid FMEA Builder automatically understands the underlying data when you upload files related to FMEA. It’s powerful tool to create new FMEA as well with a very intuitive flow and AI-based assistance through every step.

Ensure Standardization

Standardize FMEA terminology across the enterprise and create an accessible smart knowledge base.

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Multiple view options

Switch between process flow and data table view for ease of data comprehension. Click through each element to get a detailed picture. Compare the ingested data with the original document side-by-side and approve, only once the representation is in sync with the data flow.

Model training & learning

The platform supports model training on large datasets that are ingested in the platform. With decision-making algorithms in place, gain access to required recommendations and predictions.

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Intelligent Recommendations

Get powerful recommendations every step of the way while setting up FMEA.

Complete control over your data

Factoid FMEA Builder has the ability to handle large complex data from multiple sources. Enjoy full control over your data volumes in each manufacturing unit and manage them effectively across all geographic locations.

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Well-structured and unified dashboard

Build a knowledge base of correlated & utilitarian datasets. Get access to all the data in a structured and organized manner for quick insights and easy collaboration.

Easy automation

Accomplish more in less time with Qritrim in place. The inputs you share once are used by our ML layer to provide recommendations for future actions.

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Factoid FMEA Builder Advantage


The platform integrates into the existing infrastructure with zero complexity and offers transparent benefits of ingesting FMEA documents and extracting the best out of the knowledge base.

Build an intelligent database

Proactively identify and reduce potential failures with a dependable AI-backed standardized database of all FMEA documents, with intelligent context attached to them.

Assured data security & compliance

Be certain of compliance with industry standard norms and rest assured that your data is safe with a robust security architecture in place.


Empower your enterprise to scale with dependable AI-backed systemized data available all in a single dashboard. Easy deployment: Embrace enterprise AI using data ingestion, machine learning, master data management and data visualization to enhance outcomes with easy deployment options available.

Systematic Approach

Foster collaboration with a systematic approach to model training & learning.

Easy-to-use interface

Make robust & quick decisions based on meaningful insights from an eeasy to use interface.

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