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What is Factoid Document Ingestor?

Factoid document ingestor is a no code enterprise AI platform that closes the gap between organizations and actionable insights.

Factoid generates a digital twin of all individual units and serves as an intelligent and connected database across your organization.

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Who needs Factoid Document Ingestor?

Factoid Document Ingestor platform assists in data democratization by leveraging the power of AI for easy, quick, meaningful & reliable access to comprehensive data for everyone in a data-driven enterprise.

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Who uses Factoid

Factoid Document Ingestor equips everyone and serves as a linchpin in the digital transformation of enterprises using AI & ML.

How we can help you

How it Works?

Factoid Document Ingestor uses various customized Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) implementations to help you build scalable digital twins. It’s Multi-modal approach allows users to :

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Why enterprises choose Factoid Document Ingestor?

Disparate sources of tonnes of data & lack of access to meaningful data hinders the ability of enterprises to derive quick insights and take breakthrough decisions. Factoid Document Ingestor offers everything needed to ingest the huge amount of data and structure it in a meaningful way.

Our clients understand that we are weaving AI into the enterprises’ DNA and how vital it is for not just gaining a competitive edge but for survival in the years to come. It allows them to focus on what they do the best – creating business value & customers, while the platform caters to making sense out of the data!

How is Factoid Document Ingestor different?

Factoid Document Ingestor empowers enterprises to democratize AI and enable its adoption to every stakeholder in your organization. Giving them the ability to derive and and decide through the use of actionable data.


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The platform assists in capitalizing fully on the data with accurate & speedy ingestion of huge volumes of data in the form of

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Want to leverage AI to solve real-world industry challenges?

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Want to leverage AI to solve real-world industry challenges?