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Improve enterprise ROI using Artificial Domain Intelligence

Harness the power of AI with Qritrim Qi, an AI platform
to accelerate your ROI

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Accelerate AI ROI with QRITRIM

Artificial Domain Intelligence

Transform insights into outcomes

Get faster to market feeding enterprise AI with relevant, secure, and structured data in 80% less time. 

Create enterprise's unique intelligence

Qritrim enables you with Artificial Domain Intelligence (ADI) to 3x data scientist’s efficiency at a fraction of data operations and model training time while accelerating data analysis, model creation, and time to market.

Deploy AI with unparalleled flexibility and scale

Experience an enterprise-wide platform that goes beyond data orchestration, data science training, and domain intelligence siloes to accelerate the development and deployment of AI, resulting in better ML Ops, security, intelligence, and ROI.

Effortless Data Orchestration

Unify enterprise and external data into intelligent data images. Deliver insights by focusing on data analysis.

AI-powered Data Ingestion

Transform unstructured and multi-modal data into uniform format at high-speed in real-time while decreasing cost and time. 

Faster Time to Market

Build and train ML models faster with encoded functional and industry intelligence. Build turnkey enterprise applications at scale, delivering a seamless customer journey.

Secure and Scalable Architecture

Keep confidential data safe while using the entire data set, protecting customer IP, and complying with data privacy standards such as HIPPA.

Across business functions and industries. One AI Platform

Accelerate delivery outcomes and reduce difficulties of developing AI applications with high-speed and real-time data pipelines from multi-modal data streams.
Reduce data scientist’s effort and time by 80% by building upon automated data ingestion and prebuilt Analytics Model Library
Leverage closed loop Machine Learning optimizing ML model training, deployment, servicing, and monitoring.
Build ML models and AI applications faster with native Artificial Domain Intelligence (ADI) across business functions and verticals.

Qi: This is Artificial Intelligence, unleashed.

Artificial Domain Intelligence


Unified data to optimize data ingestion and feed ML models for faster outcomes. Enhance data analysis without duplicating the raw data.
Artificial Domain Intelligence


ML model building with Artificial Domain Intelligence (ADI) to optimize customer journey for a business function and vertical-specific AI deployments.
Artificial Domain Intelligence


Outcomes with no-code AI that does all heavy lifting for applying domain intelligence and data science to your business.