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QIVR IMS, one of the artificial intelligence companies revolutionizing influencer marketing

Deliver empathy-led and outcomes-driven influencer marketing campaigns

Artificial Intelligence Companies
Artificial Intelligence Companies


Help brands reach the right audience. Transform the way your agency helps brands to reach the right influencer and audience

Artificial Intelligence Companies


Always the influencer you want. Grow your brand with empathy-led consumer engagements

Artificial Intelligence Companies


Get discovered by brands you like. Get ready to influence. Earn anytime, anywhere.

Promote your brand without limits

Quickly discover, reach and hire influencers on one platform. Then track the campaign performance and optimize outcomes. We are on a mission to offer effective end-to-end influencer marketing with QIVR, an enterprise influencer marketing platform.

Create an audience-centric campaign

Maximize brand engagements with an audience-driven influencer discovery. Put the audience at the center by adding a target audience to every influencer marketing campaign.

Match influencers with AI-powered scores

Easily combine engagement data from multiple social channels and create a comprehensive view of each influencer to understand them individually and their audience engagements.

Execute outcomes-driven campaign

Remove redundancy, dependency, and duplication in influencer prospecting and communications. Easily engage with influencers using native communication and engagement tools.

Easily onboard and manage companies and brands

Offer brand-centric onboarding and hyper-interactive dashboard to manage company and their campaigns.

Track campaign performance

Measure every engagement based on the campaign objective. Get an actionable intelligence into how audience engagement has impacted your goals, such as reach, follower growth, conversions, and more.

Optimize campaign outcomes

Get audience engagement factors that help enhance campaign performance. Get ready-to-act recommendations to increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

QIVR Influencer Marketing Solution

The platform is the one-stop solution for brands, agencies and influencers for all their influencer marketing requirements. 


Manage and optimize all the influencer marketing campaigns of all your clients under-one-roof

Offer audience-centric campaigns

Easily onboard and manage companies and brands

Demystify real influencers discovered via AI-powered scores

Accelerate ROI with focused outreach and contracting

Offer the best-in-class and actionable campaign intelligence

Future-proof agency business with AI-infused recommendations

Artificial Intelligence Companies
Artificial Intelligence Companies


First-hand engagement with the influencers to create and manage your brand storytelling without the involvement of any third-party

Let your brand speak with your audience in their language and style

Partner with the right influencers using intelligent scores

Meet influencers on 360-degree profile

Create outcomes-driven partnership with customizable contracting

Your influencer marketing campaigns have a story to tell


Provides a considerable opportunity for influencers to earn for their creative freedom on their terms and conditions

Unlock new opportunities

Influence on your terms

Easy payments

Save on promotion expense​

Build on your passion and audience behavior

Artificial Intelligence Companies